Neighbourhood Theme #206

These are our neighbours.  They are really quiet and easy to get along with.  These two young bucks weren’t sure what to make of Fiona but she was ready to take them down!  lol


7 Responses to “Neighbourhood Theme #206”

  1. Ah Delusions of Wolf! Brave of her to stand up to them without a pack to back her up, maybe she thought you would Rhonda Lynn

  2. So cute – Fiona is safe behind her fence 🙂 so she can take on the huge invaders

  3. Stand your ground little tough girl! I’m not a deer fan unless they are venison….

  4. Wonderful! Fiona is so brave.

  5. How great to have these as your neighbours

  6. this is an exceptional shot, wow!

  7. Great shot, Fiona is a real little cutie.

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