Tranquility Theme #329

I am so lucky to live where I do.  This morning while enjoying my coffee I also got to enjoy this tranquil scene.  This young doe was wandering along side our pasture and noticed this little robin.  She stopped and watched it through the fence for quite a while before moving on.  To help the doe stand out more I used Topaz Adjust 5 to add the HDR  Heavy grunge pop filter.

6 Responses to “Tranquility Theme #329”

  1. You are such a lucky Lady to live and see this. Once again love your photo.

  2. Antone who doesn’t enlarge this shot is robbing themselves! I didn’t even know that Deer hunted Robins.

  3. Beautiful capture – glad I took a look at the big size – such an earnest expression on that little deer.

  4. Looks like the deer and robin are going to be great friends.

  5. Great spot and great capture…I too looked at the large size (like Iris) and had a thought you could have cropped this real close to just have the doe and the robin in the shot….still sharp at that magnification

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