Perspective Theme #229

I took this picture of my little Saki to give you a perspective on his size.  The wood fence is 4 feet or 1.2 metres high.  Behind him you can sort of see my little Westie.

7 Responses to “Perspective Theme #229”

  1. Such a sweet boy – Do they loose their winter coat for a sleeker summer one?
    sorry – did a seach to find a medical term and accidentally pasted into the comment

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous does he consider himself Mr Big?

  3. He is gorgeous, is this your new Baby? So cute.

  4. he is smaller than the largest dog in the world but a whole lot cuter…they look like they could fit into the family room without any problems LOL…

  5. Sweet Saki . . . so beautiful.

  6. He seems to be warming up to being photographed. How quickly they grow.

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