Discovery Theme #75

This is what I was doing yesterday.  Having an MRI.  Or 2 actually.  One for my Trigeminal Neuralgia so I can have my surgery and the second for the osteoarthritis in my jaws to check on how it is progressing.  2 hours in that tiny tube was very painful for me but I hope they discovered what they were looking for.

10 Responses to “Discovery Theme #75”

  1. Just think back in the day, all that was being done with rattles, smoke tree branches, feathers and smoke! Ah Progress. Best wishes for the future with this.

  2. Beautiful picture. I think It would be nice if you would sign your name each time.

  3. Glad that there is progress towards a pain free future for you, but two hours in that would have been very difficult!

  4. Great photo, but 2 hours!!! I’m so claustrophobic I think I’d have died. I pray that they will be able to help and pray for the day that you are painfree, thinking of you my Friend.

  5. 2 hours!!! impressive photo and best of wishes that they do find what they were looking for…

  6. Oh my . . . two hour in that machine would be torture . . . hope all goes well for you.

  7. I’m betting they made you leave the camera at the door. Great photo of this amazing piece of equipment. Sending good thoughts to you!!! 🙂

  8. I hope the time spent in the machine brings you the news you want..

  9. I too hope that they found good things. I guess you can’t paint graffiti in that machine.

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