Peaceful Theme #227

My lead miniature mare, Peach enjoying her dinner.  I used Topaz Adjust 5 and applied the Gritty I filter in the Vibrant Collection.  I like the way this filter gives the photo and old western feel.

9 Responses to “Peaceful Theme #227”

  1. another charmer, she looks like a Peach, beautiful processing, now Peach is having a good hair day (I judge all by their hair-do’s) I wish I had her hair/mane…splendid photo.

  2. Love this! The wild west mane is fabulous too though I can imagine detangling it takes some time!

  3. Great results with your post processing combined with her winter mane!

  4. Wonderful results with the Topaz.
    Peach looks very peaceful.

  5. She is wonderful looking, I love her do. Your processing is fabulous too it does give a nice feel.

  6. I pinned Peach’s photo to my “Horses” board on Pinterest. I love this picture of her.

  7. I reckon she needs a haircut…old hippy

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