Fuzzy Theme #127

My sweet little Saki.  I love this little boy and so do his big sisters.  What a cute group.  I have yet to get a good photo of them all together.  Soon hopefully.

8 Responses to “Fuzzy Theme #127”

  1. Love the soft focus, shows your love -Dream Boy! He seems to be saying, where is the grass? there is supposed to be grass after the snow goes!

  2. Looks like the snow is nearly gone – looking forward to photos of Saki and the others playing in the grass 🙂 He is too cute!

  3. So sweet standing there with that downy looking coat!

  4. As cute as fuzzy comes!

  5. Fuzzy and lovable . . . I would like to give him a hug.

  6. lovely shot, and is that a wayward tuft of fuzzy hair between Saki’s adorable little ears… don’t tell him I had a giggle over it…

  7. Thank you all. The foals are so much fun in the spring. Those fuzzy little manes make me giggle too. lol

  8. He looks like a toy. Looking forward to more of him

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