Contrast Theme #58

Here is a photo of my Barney and Rosie for Iris.  Rose Petal is technically a miniature but she went oversize and is about 42″ tall at the last mane hair.  She is best friends with Barney.  This frame isn’t the best set up.  I was using a telephoto and they were running fast.  Can you believe that yesterday we had no snow at all!  ARG!


7 Responses to “Contrast Theme #58”

  1. Barney and Rose Petal do make for a fun contrast between the large and small.

  2. Happens when you romp with Giants. Love it!

  3. A great theme match! Something about cold and snow that brings out the romp no matter the size of the horse!

  4. Oh thank you! Such a difference in size between them, yet they obviously love to play together. I love horses and really miss mine (though we never had snow for them to play in – just a little frost – not the same fun!!) It’s handy that I live in an area with many horse studs so I get to see all the mares and foals in the paddocks as I drive.

  5. So cute! We have miniatures too – I like that they make my dainty little Arab look like a decent sized horse next to them!

  6. The snow hasn’t stopped then having fun

  7. What a sweet pair!
    I’m trying to catch up hope this snow is gone.

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