Common Theme #55

For me it is very common to see the sunrise out my front door.  Too make the picture a little more uncommon for me I used the Topaz 5 Adjust filter and added the Lomo II setting.


10 Responses to “Common Theme #55”

  1. regularman Says:

    You got a beautiful result.

  2. I have bleary starts to the day, can I get Topaz for my eyes?

  3. I could start out my day like that every morning!

  4. I like the panorama look combined with the deep vignette.

  5. this is beautiful, a sunrise every morning out your front door, lucky you!

  6. Love the effect you achieved here….have never tried that filter…but will now!

  7. Very nice effect.

  8. I very much like the Lomo effect….gotta get me the Topaz filters

  9. Lovely and a fine reason to get up in the morning (along with your kids and animals of course 😉

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