Furry Theme #125

My furry, fuzzy little Saki!


10 Responses to “Furry Theme #125”

  1. Joyce L Says:

    Solid black horses are my favorite color in a horse, whether miniature or big sized.

  2. seems like Saki fits all the themes 🙂 He looks happy to be out in the snow having a play

  3. I love the wintercoat details that the enlarged image shows of this beautiful Equine Model.

  4. He is a furry beauty 🙂

  5. lord that is a beautiful shot, Saki is ‘trop bon’ his little sticky out tail makes me laugh…

  6. I just want to scoop her up and snuggle (of course that would put me in HER BOOK, lol).

  7. OMGosh…what a cutie…I just love that tail in the wind…it looks like she is really enjoying her playtime!

  8. Saki is too cute!! Enjoy him! We are all looking forward to his siblings arrival!!

  9. Saki is too, too cute! Enjoy having him around while he is young – like all young, they grow up too quickly!! How much longer before his sibling arrives? LOL, Rhea

  10. Little ones are always cute…..but LITTLE little ones are even more so

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