Innocence Theme #157

Fiona wanted to get on the fun with the horses but I caught her in the act so she feigned innocence since it isn’t allowed.  lol


13 Responses to “Innocence Theme #157”

  1. What? I was just looking, I swear!

  2. Aww Give us a break Mum! The dogs with the frayed tails are enjoying it Fiona wants to tooooooooo!

  3. Joyce L Says:

    Such a cute picture and thanks for sharing.
    Joyce L

  4. “Please mommmmm?” Too cute!

  5. I love that little tail! and she certainly does look innocent /:>)

  6. Just have to love that innocent look.

  7. Great capture…love the look on her face

  8. awww, love that little tail straight up in the air!! I bet she thinks she is just a littler horse than they are…

  9. The face, the ears, the tail, plus your story make this a fun post.

  10. Whhhaaat? I was just sunning myself!

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