Little Theme #175

Little Saki is now almost 1 month old.  He is really hard to photograph because he is so dark and won’t co-operate!  lol  He is definitely little at about 25lbs and 22″ tall at the shoulder.  Sweetie though.

8 Responses to “Little Theme #175”

  1. I love the footing – ready to spring away from the predator with a camera.

    • You are so right Ron and thank you. I am finally able to pet him now. His little brother or sister should be along in the next month I think judging by my other girl’s belly. I love foaling season!!

  2. too cute – I can’t believe it’s been a month already!

  3. Look like you are still in the book!

  4. So tiny,so darn cute. where did the month go?

  5. Saki is too sweet and too little and I saw her twin Sunday near the Camargue (south of france) I took a photo and all one can see is the sun shining off the babies hooves! so this is a slendid photo

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