Candid Theme #36

Now isn’t this sweet?  I love this photo.  Taken with my iPad2 and the previous photo of my little Saki was taken with my iPhone 4s, I forgot to mention that.

13 Responses to “Candid Theme #36”

  1. Considering the origins of the haircut – it must haave been fairly warm the night before to only require one dog to assure warm sleeping. Boom Boom!

    • Well, his paint horse was warming that side but the horses left for a drink of water. tee hee. Aidan has been bugging us for a mohawk for a while now so I finally caved on sunday. He rocks the look though.

  2. ah, just captures that peaceful time of day before dogs and small children wake…

  3. You are so right. Thank you Iris.

  4. They will be all rested up to play the day away. Nice capture of the restful time.

  5. This is so sweet! Love Aiden’s new do!!!

  6. I just stopped by your blog and realize I’ve been missing some beautiful photography. The images of silos, animals, flowers, your children etc. are all beautifully composed and seem to convey an idea of a treasure to be shared. I really enjoyed my time spent on your blog tonight. Will try to stop by more often.

  7. Thank you so much!! I am loving photography. Totally addicted. Once I get my new truck then watch out! lol

  8. So sweet indeed! I love the do. I love to see dogs in human beds too, right where they belong.

  9. Lovely capture….

  10. very sweet photo, these are special moments and I do love both of their hair cuts /:>)

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