Rural Theme #263

A common sight in the rural areas of northern Canada is the school bus shelter.  This is in our front yard by the road so the kids can get out of the snow, wind and in the spring, rain.  There is a window on the side and on the front with a light inside and a porch light for the dark mornings in winter.  Here you can see it in the light falling snow.  My husband built it from scratch from his own design.  He rocks!!

7 Responses to “Rural Theme #263”

  1. The lightly falling snow makes the shelter look very inviting.

  2. Were’nt you lucky to marry Bob the Builder! Love the shelter.

  3. That’s fantastic! Makes me feel like a cruel parent by sending mine up our road with an umbrella (or sometimes, in really bad weather, the old farm car) This is like a little playhouse – a much nicer way to wait for the bus – your hubby did well!!

  4. Lovely little building….good on him

  5. Love the photo, and the story of kindness.

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