Excitement Theme #94

My miniature horse stallion, Levi, having a blast in the fresh snow!  I love to watch this boy move with his long flying hair.  His nickname is Fabio during breeding season.  lol






9 Responses to “Excitement Theme #94”

  1. Great stop action!!!

  2. LEvi looks so happy to run free in the snow! Great shot!

  3. Fabio is a perfect nickname for Levi . . . love that flying mane.

  4. Looks like he would be right at home on our “Wild Horse” Mountain! He looks Hippy enough to be chompin on other herbs than just hay, Het Dude. Love the look.

  5. Fantastic stopo action shot…love that hair

  6. Thank you all. I just love my boy. When I took these photos he was running straight at me. Not as intimidating as my big clyde boy running straight at me but still. lol

  7. He looks like he could be an actor in those corny shampoo ads from the 80’s, what a fun pair of shots. I can see that your big boy might not make the same sort of image!

  8. Levi, great name and what a photo! I love your hubby comment He rocks in the school bus shelter too sweet ::>) you make me smile

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