Passage of Time Theme #224

I am so glad you have all been enjoying my photos of the grain sylos.  There has been some confusion about the steel ones I was talking about so this shows a bit of them all.  The ones on the left are the steel ones.  The ones you can see a bit of on the right are the red aged ones you have been seeing.  The white ones are slightly newer wood ones but still old.  The farm equipment sitting between them is a grain auger which moves the grain from trucks into the sylos.  Between them is where the cars are.  I went down there today to take these pictures special for you.  Tomorrow I think I will post the steel ones because they are sort of neat in their own way.  I think Steve made the comment about space and yes, up here in northern Alberta, Canada there is alot of space.  We live on 160 acres and alot of ranchers and farmers around us have alot more than that.  A really beautiful area!

10 Responses to “Passage of Time Theme #224”

  1. Heck, I’m an hour + away and we’re neighbors….lol.

    • Howdy neighbour!! Yup, driving and hour or two is nothing for us up here. That’s just the way it is. By the way Mary, we are renting a lot out at Shaw’s point this year so I might pop by for a visit sometime if that’s OK with you?

  2. You did an excellent job here showing the plant growing up the side of the building.

  3. Like the choice of B&W…suits the content of the image

  4. Thank you Cassie and Steve.

  5. I love the way you have interpreted the theme!

  6. The black and white really shows the difference in textures between the wood and steel! NICE! I want 160 acres of land! 🙂

  7. Good theme match. Wondering if bringing up the whites a bit would show more detail?

  8. Love the way the black and white enhances the difference in textures.

  9. I agree, give it a tilt counterclockwise and bump up the contrast to see what happens

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