Abandoned Theme #2

The abadoned grain sylos on the road to our property.  I love the textures and colors.  Behind them are the new style metal sylos.  Not nearly so interesting.

10 Responses to “Abandoned Theme #2”

  1. I love these! I’m with you … the textures and colors are so rich. I’m always drawn to anything farm-ish!

  2. I’m with you on the wood, but that metal is starting to take on a patina that I enjoy too.

  3. This is a framer for sure…love the textures and colors!

  4. Great textures – and those metal ones are weathering nicely!

  5. Wonderful textures and colors.

  6. Such great shapes and textures, I think the metal silos are weathering nicely, but the wood ones must have taken a master craft person to build.

  7. Great capture of some lovely colours and textures. Well done.

  8. Paintedmeadows Says:

    Thank you all. You can’t see the metal ones in these. There are some white ones though. I’ll share the metal ones another day.

  9. Those are great structures…wish they were near me…I’d be there in a flash…very nice shot

  10. A great composition. This is a first ever seeing wood silo’s that I can remember.

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