Nuisances Theme #212

These little seeds are a real nuisance.  They stick to your pants, socks, shoe laces and to poor Fiona’s fur and the horses’ manes.  I’ve been trying to get rid of them but it seems impossible.  Nuisances all the way around!


10 Responses to “Nuisances Theme #212”

  1. What a nuisance they must be!! We have similar ones here in SA, too! Poor Fiona does look a mess!

  2. Poor Fiona! You can see she isn’t happy about being photographed looking like that.

  3. Poor Fiona, if you id the plants, it may be possible to poison them out of existence, but when you clean her and your selvess, be sure to burn those seeds.

  4. Fiona does not look to happy to be photographed with the seeds stuck to her.

  5. Poor Fiona! Is it wrong to laugh just a little bit?

  6. Awwww… Poor baby… This photo just makes me want to cuddle her.

  7. Burr-illiant shot…she looks so sad

  8. Steve said it so well… Lovely capture of her emotions at that moment

  9. She doesn’t look her happy self for sure. Is she good at being still so you can get them off? Lots of dogs hate to have their face messed with

  10. Shame poor little Fiona, as Rhea said we have something like that here as well, we used to call them sweethearts!!! because they stuck to you. Fiona looks so sad.

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