Found Objects Theme #118

My kids with one of the objects we found in our hotel room in the Fantasyland hotel.  We also had a bed designed like a catamaran and a jacuzzi tub in the side of a volcano with a waterfall as a faucet.  Very cool.  We had a lot of fun.





11 Responses to “Found Objects Theme #118”

  1. Sounds like the whole trip was fun! Hope you were able to enjoy it to the full?

  2. First time I’ve seen a theme room – looks like it was a fun place to be.
    Hope the days to April wiz by; keeping good thoughts for you 🙂

  3. Did you sleep in the outrigger or the canoe? LoL I think Fantasyland sounds Enchanting! Oh That is the point.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun . . .

  5. Hope you all had fun there….seems like they catered for the Fantasy element OK

  6. looks like the kids enjoyed the theme as well!

  7. […] No Limitz. He has decided to try some new adventures and with his workload at his job and busy with his beautiful family, time became a commodity that he needed most. It’s alway sad to see a family member leave, […]

  8. I shouldn’t try to catch up going backward! Looks like fun, hope your wait doesn’t drag too much.

  9. Great photos of Tea and Aidan, love the idea of a themed room, such fun. Hoping that the time to 4 April flies by. Thinking of you.

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