Blossom Theme #25

I found these paper blossoms hanging in the West Edmonton Mall.  They were so pretty tucked in amongst the white mini lights.  And now I am all caught up.  All of the photos from today were taken with my new iPhone 4S.  I love this phone!!!


12 Responses to “Blossom Theme #25”

  1. oh I like that you found paper blossoms for this theme – and I expect B&W takes away the distraction of background colours – what a pretty way to welcome spring (soon!)

  2. I love it, how artsy.

  3. Fun flowers . . . love it.

  4. I love these blossoms, and I love your new phone…. Maybe if I send hubby a link to your photo, he’ll deduce that I need one too…. for photography… of course…. 🙂

  5. So so pretty and must have been lovely with the little lights.

  6. Great spot and capture…the B&W makes the image

  7. Doesn’t the iPhone take awesome pics. I love it. You’re an amazing photographer Rhonda-Lynne.

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