Rest Theme #258

Barney is soooo tired and that sun feels sooooooooo good.  Great time for a nap.  He is a very big Clydesdale x Belgian and I always find it amazing how small he can curl himself into a ball and check out his lips.  He got a mouth full of snow when he stood up.  lol


9 Responses to “Rest Theme #258”

  1. That’s adorable. Makes me think Barney can climb into bed for a snuggle.

  2. he manages to look cozy even curled up in the snow!

  3. Well I’ve just learned something, I had no idea that horses lay down to nap!

  4. Talk about Zonked out she isn’t just slumbering, but I guess you can’t argue with Horse Sense!

  5. Love the way the lips are flopped…no wonder she ended up with a mouthful

  6. I don’t think I have ever seen a horse sleep…I love how they curl up like a dog! 🙂 Way too cute!

  7. Unless one has seen Barney’s full stature ……. such a touching photo.

  8. Happy boy horse! Why don’t you see horses in bed?

  9. He must have been so tired, such a lovely photo.

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