Daybreak Theme #67

I love where I live.  This was this morning, straight out of the camera other than cropping out the electric pole to the left slightly.

13 Responses to “Daybreak Theme #67”

  1. Awesome sky….how great is it to wake up to that !!!

  2. Gorgeous sunrise!

  3. great colours! What is the building in the photo?

    • Thank you. The building is the bus shelter for the kids. Keeps them out of the rain and cold while waiting for the school bus. In the winter it is dark when they leave at 7:50am and the bus runs up until the temperature reaches -40c and then they get to stay home. So you can see why they need the shelter. My husband built it. There is a porch light on the outside, 2 windows and a light inside. Really cute. I’ll post a picture one day.

  4. Good to see that Mother Nature was into colour that Morning, and I mean really INTO!

  5. Thank you all. It was truly breathtaking.

  6. I just cant imagine the sun rising at 9.30 and setting at 4.30!! If that was the case, maybe I would manage more sunrise and setting pictures!! A wonderful pic!

  7. Looks like a painting in the sky! I could wake up to that every morning!

  8. Amazing scene, I truly like how the sky gets heavier as the eye travels to the top of the frame.

  9. Really like how the main emphasis is on the sky. Great composition.

  10. Awesome, you are so lucky to see such amazing sights.

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