Chill Theme #44

The ride into town yesterday.  It was chilly but the clouds were burning off and the temperature went slightly over 1c.  I love the way the clouds look with the sun shining through.  I took this with my new iPhone 4s.  Fun phone!


9 Responses to “Chill Theme #44”

  1. Great image….like the ways you have used the tracks on the road as leading lines

  2. nice perspective – interesting to see what the little iphones can do with photos – well seen and certainly has the chill factor

  3. I get the feeling that the Sun is losing the fight against the cold there, giving us all the more reason to continue on down the road.

  4. love the leading lines here!

  5. A totally different scene the one before, but still just as beautiful (although you do have me shivering)!

  6. Outstanding photo, amazing sight with the sun looking so large.

  7. Really great shot. It almost has an unreal painterly style to it. Where’s the like button?

  8. ONce again, just beautiful, but oh dear so so so cold!!

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