Big and Small Theme #23

Barney the clyde/belgian and Rosie the miniature are best friends despite their sizes.  They do everything together.  It’s so cute!!  Catching up here so I will be posting one more photo.

10 Responses to “Big and Small Theme #23”

  1. Love the size difference between these best friends.

  2. Great shot….fantastic image for the theme

  3. You have my permission to post as many of these shots as the spirit moves you. Gotta Love friendships like that, wonder which one has the biggest attitude though? LOL

  4. Two cute – love it for the big and small theme

  5. So very sweet! They really stand out against the snow!

  6. that is simply adorable!

  7. Great shot – they see eye to eye!

  8. All I can say is AWWWWWWWW

  9. So very sweet! Barney seems to be smiling, I don’t know horses but have never seen one look so happy, I hope you print this large.

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