Journey Theme #162

This was the road I took on my journey to the post office.  I’m 2 photos behind but I will have to catch up tomorrow.

10 Responses to “Journey Theme #162”

  1. looks like a beautiful winter’s day, fabulous perspective here with the posts and the tracks in the snow

  2. Take it easy on that slippery stuff…I love that broken down shed on the right…

  3. I suppose you are going to expect us to believe that those two posts are “IN THE MAIL”, well we have heard it all before Lady and we aren’t swallowing it. LoL I would hate driving a snow covered road, even if I was on the correct side of the road!

  4. I can almost hear the “crunch” of the snow. Good capture.

  5. I love the lines in your photo! Whenever I try to capture snow, it always looks a bit blue. 😦

    • Ericca, sometimes it’s the white balance. If you shoot on sunny/daylight try taking a comparison shot on cloudy. It’s something to do with the white balance. If you shoot in raw, just adjust in post processing by warming it up a little. That should remove the bluish cast.

  6. Looks beautiful . . . slippery, but beautiful.

  7. Great shot with some lovely details. I really like the way you have maintained detail in the highlights. Great exposure.

  8. ! love those sheds, especially the one that looks to have given in to gravity. Great exposure on the snowy scene. if I were on that road I’d be in the ditch at the bottom of the hill!

  9. Oh so cold, please drive carefully. I really like it.

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