Critters Theme #61

Fiona the mighty hunter taking care of a mouse.  (Don’t worry, no mice were harmed during this photoshoot)  I used my new Lensbaby Sweet 35 optic and I just love the softness of the whole photo.  By the way, this little mouse got it’s digs in.  It climbed Fiona, bit at her, jumped at her and tried to climb my leg!  Feisty!



11 Responses to “Critters Theme #61”

  1. Love the action, found it hard to determine in the top shot. I was cheering for the mouse as it went for your leg and a shame that the white cow looking on in the background doesn’t standout more.

    • Well, the white cow would not come into focus no matter what I did since there wasn’t one. lol. I know, not a lensbaby fan. ;0) Don’t worry, a mouse has gotten me before and I got bit in my own house! Ewww!!

  2. OMGosh these are awesome! I love the soft feeling of the images as well…boy does Fiona blend into that snow! Good thing the mouse doesn’t…you’d have no warning he was about to crawl up your leg, ewwwwww!!! I love my sweet 35, What apperature was this set to??

  3. Love the bottom shot…..Eeek! A mouse!

  4. fun shots, lucky mouse to have escaped!

  5. This is the photo that she wants on the wall in her room! So fun and such a fine capture in several ways.

  6. great soft active shots where you have to look close to se where the dog ends and the snow takes over. the second one is perfect for your story

  7. Loved the bottom photo.

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