Building Theme #33

One of the little birdhouses that my kids made.  I can’t remember which one made it (I’d have to go look at the back of it) but it is a favourite of the birds.  There are 4 of them that line the pasture with 2 more to hang.  Certainly a bright spot in the winter.

11 Responses to “Building Theme #33”

  1. Kevin Alexander Says:

    It’s certainly is….this is a beautiful shot!

  2. Love the spot of red in the winter scene.

  3. Nice focus on the red birdhouse.

  4. They make the birds say Su Casa Es Mi Casa!

  5. Like the spot of red in the mono scene…nice shot

  6. Outstanding selective color!

  7. Perfect processing to make this lovely little house stand out! You have very talented kids! 🙂

  8. AS usual, gorgeous.

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