Awful! Theme #19

It is REALLY windy here today.  Not good for my nerve condition but I really needed to see my Dr. so I took my camera along.  This was taken in our yard from my truck showing the wind whipping the snow off our roof and across our driveway.  No fun out there.

16 Responses to “Awful! Theme #19”

  1. Nice shot…looks a wee bit chilly and blowy

  2. I’m sorry you aren’t well but it hasn’t effected your photography that Is what this city fella has always imagined a ranch to be like in winter and the drifting snow is just exquisite. Beautiful Phot.

  3. Your image just shouts COLD!!!!

  4. I am putting on my winter coat now…I can almost hear that wind howling! Awesome way to show the wind! Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Hope your appointment went as good as this photo you captured. The refracted colors on the windshield is icing for this one!

    • The colors were on my lens I think, I took this out the open side window. I do alot from my truck. It gives me an elevated position and keeps me out of the elements. Also, it can go pretty well anywhere. lol

  6. I can feel the cold wind whipping.

  7. Sorry to chill you. Now you need some hot tea. lol

  8. love the photo – the wind whipping the snow off the roof really shows how cold it was despite the rest looking calm and sunny. Makes me glad you were snug inside the truck. Well done!

  9. Really like the shadows and the lighting.

  10. I’m glad you were in your truck too. There is a sound that crunchy cold snow makes and here it is!

  11. I know exactly what you mean as it’s windy of and on over here to and at wintertime it gets so COLD. a great scenery but I can imagine the cold so stay in that truck!

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