Best Friend Theme #22

My little Best Friend, Fiona.  She is almost 9 months old now and full of herself.  I took this picture with my new iPhone 4s and played with it in the Snapseed App.  I think I should have shut the flash off as it really washed her out.  Still experimenting with it.  Having fun though!

6 Responses to “Best Friend Theme #22”

  1. No! I think that is how Fiona sees HERSELF – Full of Flair/flare! LOL Gotta Love em.

  2. I’m with Ron – she’s an eye catcher.

  3. Thats what photography is all about…experimenting and finding out what works and what doesn’t….and learning what we would do differently next time…cute little dog btw

  4. a nice portrait of the alert Fiona

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