Blur Theme #26

I was getting my photo together to post for today and realised that I forgot to post yesterday!  Oops.  So here you go.  I took this photo on saturday of one of my mares (June Bug) and her filly (Peppermint) from last may.  It was snowing a fairly heavy snow but very fine flakes so my photo didn’t come out very clear so I blurred it a bit more to make it look more artistic.  Both mare and filly are black so I had a boring monotone picture so I changed it to B&W.  I am happy with the results.

5 Responses to “Blur Theme #26”

  1. A very nice image has resulted here…great job

  2. Always love your (And Sunny’s) Little horse photos. Did you try a layer mask with jus the horses sharp?

  3. looks like they are having fun in the snow. I like the painted look but it might be nicer with the post removed above the one on the right (or just thin it down – instant Unicorn!!)

  4. Gorgeous, glad we are seeing some of your beautiful little horses.

  5. I like the added interest with the extra blur.

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