Theme #52 Cold

This little birdbath is in my front garden.  It will be a while before the birds can use it again.  It is frozen stiff.  I used Topaz B&W Effects to apply the warm tone black border filter.  I like the way it came out.


8 Responses to “Theme #52 Cold”

  1. I love this shot! 🙂

  2. Man…thats making me cold just looking at it….and thats one fancy birdbath there

    Nice processing as well

  3. Poor little birds, but I love your bird bath.

  4. Definitely looks cold. Great shot.

  5. Even the slightly warm tone doesn’t take away from the chilly feeling of the photo.

  6. I am shivering with the birds….great processing and nice shallow depth – it really makes the bath stand out!

  7. Lovely and atmospheric. Would have given it top marks if the stalk leaning against the bird-bath had not been in frame. It draws me eyes away from the bath.

  8. Good use on tonal it sets the birdbath in a good place.

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