Theme #7 Adolescence

My good friend is a vet and she is rehabilitating this juvenile owl found starving and exhausted in a field.  He can’t fly yet but I think he is getting close.  He is just beautiful.  Her 2 year old daughter has named him/her Hooter.  Today’s 3 posts will be of him.  Isn’t he gorgeous?


7 Responses to “Theme #7 Adolescence”

  1. Good on her for doing this and giving you the opportunity to take some very nice photos!

  2. What an opportunity for you as getting that close in Nature would be neigh-on impossible.

  3. Now that is too cool…what a beauty! Totally jealous!

  4. You are such a lucky Lady!!! Hooter is wonderful, hope he manages to fly soon.

  5. Quite a wingspan…love his markings beautiful creature!

  6. How wonderful, these are great. I hope his rehabilitation goes well. Meanwhile what a treat!

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