Theme #234 Pleasure

Fresh piled snow!  His face says it all.


14 Responses to “Theme #234 Pleasure”

  1. Love that smile…this is really a beautiful portrait of your very handsome guy!

  2. Lovely winter portrait.

  3. One happy chappy….nice shot

  4. Love this photo and Aidan looks great and sooooo happy.

  5. Looks as though Aidan is feeling chipper again 🙂

  6. A childs smile alwas gets me ready for a childs laugh, the sweetest sound on earth.

  7. Classic view of the delight a child takes in freshly fallen snow.

  8. Beautiful portrait! Even now, freshly fallen and deep snow fill me with pleasure. Snow days aren’t just for children. Teachers love them too!! 😉

  9. Looks like he’s pretty happy about being in the snow.

  10. A happy camper.

  11. Cute picture! Nice bokeh in the background and boy in the foreground!

  12. What a cute young man, gonna be a heartbreaker. ;=D

  13. New to the challenge this year, what a treat to view so many of your images from last year. There were soooo many that I loved. I found your compositions, subjects, DOF and exposures so well done. I look forward to following your blog this year. The above picture of your son is a delightful capture.

  14. Sharp eyes, colours popping, well seperates from the background. What’s not too like about this excellent shot.

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