Noisy Theme #201

A westie with a trapped mouse is a real noisy thing!  Fiona had one trapped in this clay pot.  Good girl!!




5 Responses to “Noisy Theme #201”

  1. Always good tp see a working girl Ply Her Trade.

  2. Good girl indeed! I love this dog.
    My dog is terrier enough to catch mice but a retriever too so she puts them in the bed sometimes…

  3. Well done Fiona – go for it girl!! She looks so cute, love the second photo of her on her hind legs!!

  4. Good girl! While dog sitting our grand dog one winter I was gifted with a mouse on my foot that she had caught under a snow bank . . . a gift I could have lived without . . . eeek!

  5. Good Girl!! She’s making up for the blue marker, lol.

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