Aqua Theme #7

Missy Fiona after chewing an AQUA felt pen.  Little mischief maker.  Since this picture she has been to the groomers and dang she is cute!  lol

9 Responses to “Aqua Theme #7”

  1. Always something. I think she looks kind of cute. Hope the ink didn’t make her tummy upset.

  2. Cute but naughty . . . Hope the mess wasn’t to hard to clean up.

  3. Check the expresion – who, me?! It’s a great photo of a cute little girl!!

  4. We’ve always had a pixie in our home, because if something was done and nobody knew who did it – the pixie did, and I think the pixie must have done it. Just love her little face, so cute

  5. Hahahaha! She’s so busted! She looks adorable

  6. See even a white dog needs colour in her life!

  7. Oops! 🙂 This made me smile!!! I am loving her big smile!!!

  8. Oh, she’s gorgeous – naughty, but not the kind of naughtiness that anyone could be mad at!

  9. Who me? I’m color blind…What a fun shot of that cutie.

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