Underwater Theme #341

I wish I could see their little heads under the water and see what is so tasty.  OK, I didn’t take this picture or the other one today.  It is snowing outside and very windy and I am battling the flu so you get some photos from earlier in the year.  Forgive me? :0)

6 Responses to “Underwater Theme #341”

  1. Feel better soon!

  2. Something must be tasty underwater.

  3. Must be good the the 3 of them to be in the same position!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the photo.

  4. Feel better soon! The flu is no fun!

  5. At least you posted, and didn’t just stick your head in the sand (or the pond) or the Menthol Inhaler Bowl! Bottoms Up!

  6. ugh….I’m getting “the ick” too. Hope it’s not the flu here because I need to do some traveling.The goal is to post pictures you took in 2011, so nothing wrong with going back a bit to post an interesting shot!

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