Retro Theme #245

I completely forgot to post yesterday.  Sheesh.  I’m losing it.  Anyways, today I will post twice to catch up.  This is my retro photo.  I have been struggling with this one all summer but figured this would be as close as I could get.  My son Aidan wearing his “retro” superman shirt on a “retro” slide with a “retro” treatment.  I hope it passes the  theme police!  lol

6 Responses to “Retro Theme #245”

  1. I agree, very Retro! Nice photo of Aidan as well!!

  2. 2 thumbs up for retro.

  3. SuperAidan don’t gotta apologize to no-one and whos gonna make him, (With you standing there)?

  4. Great shot. It looks like it could be a “Dear Photograph” photo (I don’t think I can post a link, but you can Google it)

  5. So sweet! Perfect tones to this. You will have to get him to do this again in twenty years. (Gisele’s reference to “Dear Photograph”)

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