Oddity Theme #204

Not something you usually see on your trip to town.  I took pictures of this burning van for almost 30 minutes.  These are some of the best.  In the first 2 photos you can see the glass blowing out.  I missed the tires blowing.  It was something to see!








8 Responses to “Oddity Theme #204”

  1. This is a frightening series of images. Hopefully no one was injured.

  2. Monster story goes untold, but oh so dramatic picture evidence.I see no people, was it a stolen van burn out?

  3. No one was injured. I don’t think it was stolen though. It looked like the driver was sitting in another truck, keeping warm and waiting for the fire department. It was -20c this morning and as I was taking pictures my fingers were getting really cold. That fire started looking good to warm myself up with. lol

  4. What an opportunity! These are all awesome and capture the dramatic action perfectly!

  5. wow….great shots….I’m glad you were at a safe distance

  6. Brilliant photos, so glad to hear no one was injured. Well done.

  7. Wow. That is scary! So happy to hear everyone is safe and sound.

  8. They are awesome and scary all bundled together. Glad no one was injured!

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