Vegetable Theme #348

This veggie is called a kholirabi and I have never cooked with it or tried it.  My friend and the produce manager, Ed helped me find something different.  It is from the cabbage family and I am thinking soup.  If anyone has any good recipes to use it in then I would appreciate it if you didn’t mind sharing.  With it snowing outside and kinda windy a soup recipe would be great!!  lol


5 Responses to “Vegetable Theme #348”

  1. Yuk, reminds me of tumour photos I have seen. Count Me OUT!

  2. Our family loves kohlrabi, but never cooked. We slice it and serve it raw with a little salt.

  3. Great photo, I’ve heard of this veggie, but never bought any. Good luck.

  4. Hope you found a recipe for this. We also use this in salad. When all else fails slice and saute with olive oil garlic salt and pepper 🙂

  5. I love the way it looks more than I love it to eat but it is good in salads sliced very thin. I think it gets sweeter after a frost which I guess isn’t a problem where you are.

    Catching up…

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