Tools Theme #334

My harrow that I use to drag my horse pasture is put away for the year.  In the background to the left you can see the green of our bail spike on the bucket of the tractor.  Very necessary tools on a horse ranch.


6 Responses to “Tools Theme #334”

  1. Terrific contrast and composition.

  2. I like the way you framed the tools.

  3. I’m fuzzy on what a harrow does but I love the colors in this. What is it about rusty tools that are so appealing? I love the shapes.

  4. Tools with charming character

  5. I love your photo, the colours are gorgeous and I agree it is most appealing. Great shot.

  6. Thank you all. Ellen, I drag it across the ground with the tines down to break up manure balls so it fertilizes the ground and also prevents parasites from surviving. Having free run chickens helps alot too.

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