Window Theme #361

I found this cool old log cabin not too far from our house.  I took a bunch of pictures of it but I thought this one looking through the cabin and out the window was a different point of view.  I did it in black and white and then in color.  I think I like the B&W the best.  What do you think?






8 Responses to “Window Theme #361”

  1. Like the B & W one, too! The colours don’t show up too well, anyway! Well done!

  2. I actually like them both, but my favourite is the black and white. great photo.

  3. The tones in the black and white work well for this image.

  4. @nd but what a great place you live in for a photographer.

  5. Nice shot – I agree the B&W is my favourite because it gives it a bit more mystery 🙂

  6. B&W for sure. Great composition.

  7. Nice how both give a different feel. Makes one wonder who looked out that window and what did they want to see.

  8. they are both captivating…but you are right…the bnw is more mystic

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