Prickly Theme #229

This prickly shrub is an Alberta Wild Rose bush.  In the spring it gets pretty, delicate, light pink roses and then the rose hips come after which are edible and make a nice tea.

7 Responses to “Prickly Theme #229”

  1. Beautifully photographed love the translucence of the leaves!

  2. Love your photo, the colours are beautiful as well. Amazing that something prickly would look so lovely.

  3. Love the shallow depth of field and the fall colors.

  4. love how the pinks and yellows blend in…and as tea!!! wow…thats quite a subject you chose

  5. Nice autumn colours, rose hi[ tea is very in over the last few years.

  6. I had no idea what this plant looked like. Thanks for sharing!

  7. For so prickly a plant this is so lovely, great colors.

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