From My Past Theme #118

When I was a kid and we went to visit our Grandma and Grandpa Walker this quilt that Grandma made was always on the bed that we slept in.  When my Grandpa died I asked Grandma if I could have it and she (obviously) said yes.  We lost Grandma 2 years ago just before her 100th birthday and I miss her.  So thank you Grandma for everything!!  I feel your hug everytime we use this quilt.  (It fits a king sized bed by the way so not a small one.)

6 Responses to “From My Past Theme #118”

  1. awww…that really warmed my heart. God bless your grand parents souls

  2. The warm embrace of childhood memories are what keep us going hopefully to Grandma’s longevity!

  3. lovely post and lovely quilt

  4. I just love it and also the colours. Something for you to treasure for the rest of your life, these wonderful things seem to last forever. Enjoy your Granny hugs.

  5. Beautifully photographed the texture you brought out in the photo is equal to the texture of your family.

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