Unique Camera Angle #345

I was at a loss as to what to do with this theme.  So I figure most people don’t take a picture of the back of orchids so that is what I did.  I used PSE9 and Topaz B&W Effects to apply a filter but I am sorry, I can’t remember which one.  I really should write them down as I do it.  I’m happy with the way it came out though.  It was fairly monotone to start out.  The flowers are white and the wall is white so I feel this filter made it more visually interesting.  So now I am caught up and I will try to stay this way.  *wink*

4 Responses to “Unique Camera Angle #345”

  1. you are right…most people wouldnt click the back of an orchid…and they definately woudlnt come up with an image this pretty of it! loved the click. keep up the good work

  2. Very unique Rhonda-Lynne, love the gentleness of it

  3. nice idea – I would not have thought of it. I like the results.

  4. This fits the theme so well. I like the black and white transformation and what I see as unique is the fact that we normally only look at the faces of orchids. Well done,

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