Fitness Theme #105

My daughter Téa showing her strength and fitness!  She loves the monkey bars and does them till she gets blisters, bandages those and keeps going!  Today I am going to try to catch up.  I haven’t been well so I fell a bit behind.

4 Responses to “Fitness Theme #105”

  1. She must be fit to do it time and again even with blisters. I like the 3D effect with the bars! Daina and Connor love them as well.

  2. My Faux Pas! I didn’t read these in the right order, get well quick and get out there clicking. May I suggest that you take some shots while emmulating what we see your daughter doing, tricky photography but I have faith in you.

  3. this brings back a lot of memories – I used to love the monkey bars!

  4. I remember doing just that as a child . . . great action image.

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