Fear Theme #102

I know, just looking at this picture it doesn’t say fear but let me tell you the story behind it.  First, I have always been afraid of birds, silly but I have been.  Until we got our chickens I couldn’t go near them.  So on friday when this little bird flew into our big picture window I felt horrible.  He/she was still breathing but flopped on his/her side and breathing hard.  We have an outside cat plus our little terrier so I just couldn’t leave that little bird there for them to kill.  So I went outside and picked it up gently and put it on the railing so I could keep an eye on him/her.  I couldn’t believe I did it when it was done.  I was so proud of myself, lol.  The second part of fear was for this little bird.  He/she was being picked up by a human, a dog and cat were playing around on the grass and he/she couldn’t move.  Poor little thing.  But after about 45 minutes he/she got up onto it’s feet so I went out to take some pictures.  He/she actually let me pet her/him and then he/she flew away.  (Boy I wish I knew which it was, lol)  So that is why I chose fear.

6 Responses to “Fear Theme #102”

  1. Love the picture of the bird AND the story behind it – can imagine the fear from both perspectives!

  2. Lovely bird and story.

  3. having just found my own little bird in the yard, and being somewhat afraid of them myself, I understand. Glad you were able to rescue this little guy

  4. Loved your story and your photo of the little bird is delightful. Well done, I know what it is to be afraid! I’m afraid of dogs.

  5. Facing a fear is a good feeling after it is done and gone. Nice story shot.

  6. Happy you rescued the little junco.

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