Exhibit Theme #91

This is our little Fiona exhibiting her fine mouse tracking skills.  She turned 5 months old on saturday and this is one of her favourite things to do!!




5 Responses to “Exhibit Theme #91”

  1. Love the attention to hunting that Fiona is showing and the pounce.

  2. Oh my how she has grown and so beautiful. Just love her stance, so attentive.

  3. Yhe top shot says Shoot – Shoot – Shoot, I’ll fetch it!

  4. Good Fiona! I like how focused she is. Stella and Fiona together could wipe out the entire mouse population.

  5. Doing her job and so well it seems. i love that tail on alert in both shots. I love her eyebrows in the top shot too. It must be a bit odd to go from mellow Danes to a terrier.

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