Bread Theme #29

Wheat, one of the main ingredients in bread.  This field is next to ours and almost ready for harvest.  I applied the Topaz 4 Adjust HDR Sketch filter.

7 Responses to “Bread Theme #29”

  1. I recon that you also applied the Topaz 4 Adjust HDR STRETCH filter to the theme, the theme Police will be hunting you down BIG TIME. Nice Grass stuff though!

  2. Loved the clarity of the wheat in the front, fading to a blur. Well done.

  3. I like the shallow DoF and the details you captured in the foreground.

  4. lol. I don’t eat bread so there isn’t any in the house and I always forget to take my camera to the store. I supposed I could have taken a picture of some money but that is a stretch too! lol Thank you all. It was moving so I had a tough time but I am happy with the results.

  5. That is such a pretty image. I think the shallow depth of field really adds interest to the image. And, what could be better for the theme than the grain from which it originates?

  6. Nice DOF and composition.

  7. I like the whiskerery bits (there is a crossword puzzle word for them that I can’t think of) they are glowing.

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