Rough Theme #247

This is the front side of one of my favourite old buildings across the road from our house.  We are fast losing leaves here and everything is getting brown.  Snow isn’t far away I am afraid.  The falls are beautiful but too short and the winters are cold and too long!

6 Responses to “Rough Theme #247”

  1. Love the textures and colors.

  2. We are just starting to change color here in Ohio.

  3. I think the photo is worth more than the building!

  4. wow – the textures are great when viewed full-sized

  5. And surrounded by rose hips all around, I’m glad to see this from another side as it goes to ground.

  6. This is a wonderful shot! But of course you know how much I like barns and old wood! This is beautifully composed and balanced. Keep up the good work!

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