Scattered Theme #252

These heron or crane (not sure which) scattered off the wheat field just as we drove by.  I thought they looked beautiful against the orange sky.

8 Responses to “Scattered Theme #252”

  1. Beautiful! I love the dark birds against the colorful sky!

  2. This is beautiful Rhonda-Lynne. I have a real love for Sandhill Cranes. They nest here and raise their young on our land. You can tell they’re sandhills because they have their necks and legs stretched out when they fly. Herons fold their necks.

  3. What an utterly beautiful shot! I like this a LOT!

  4. Oh my . . . so many cranes. They are beautiful!

  5. Very beautiful, must have been such a special sight.

  6. This is really wonderful photo. On one level it’s about the pattern of the birds and the clouds and the sky, and yet, underneath it all, it’s a beautiful photo. 🙂

  7. The cloud colour really makes this postcard shot!

  8. that’s a beautiful shot. The sky is a perfect backdrop for those birds (whatever they are)

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