Lightness Theme #170

This doe appears to fly as she runs.  They have the most beautiful bounce in their stride, almost as if they are made of air!





9 Responses to “Lightness Theme #170”

  1. Fabulous action shots – especially the bottom one. Sproing, sproing, sproing! Perfect for the theme

  2. That second shot is just to die for – So Wonderful. I never knew they could levitate!

  3. Wonderful stop action panning image.

  4. I so love these action shots! Beautiful animal.

  5. Beautiful….perfect timing….I love how they are stopped in mid air!

  6. Just so beautiful, I love them both. Amazing how light they are on their feet for their size.

  7. Great capture! I love that bouncy run – especially when they’re running AWAY from my truck as I’m driving and not freezing in the middle of the road. 😉

  8. Great captures!!!! so graceful

  9. A wonderful mid sproing shot. I must admit that I like deer as much as I like rats, not much…

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